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Constitutional Rights

Some things are non-negotiable.

The Constitution recognizes that our rights are God-given; therefore, the they cannot be taken away by the state. 

Every government institution, whether state or federal, bears responsibility for safeguarding those rights. 

I will oppose any legislative measure that infringes upon our essential liberties outlined in the Constitution and

Bill of Rights. 

Parental Rights

Conscientious parents know what's best for their children. They are the primary educators, especially in matters of morality and faith. 

Absent clear evidence of abuse,

no school board or state agency should be able to undermine or interfere with parental prerogatives in raising and educating their own children.

School Choice

So many of the societal problems we're facing today could be alleviated with better K-12 education. School choice lowers educational costs, improves student outcomes, and empowers parents over out-of-control school boards. School choice exists in various forms in many countries around the world, but it is only beginning to be discussed in the U.S.

This is the most important goal I hope to achieve if elected.  

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Lower Taxes

Those who have lived and worked in the state all their lives should be able to continue to enjoy the bounty they helped create after they retire.  I will work to eliminate the tax on pension income, to make it more affordable for retirees to remain in Maryland.

Law and Order

Protecting the citizens against crime is one of the most basic purposes of government.  I will support policies to maintain a strong, well-trained police force that respects the rights of all the people it serves, as well as a common-sense criminal justice system to keep violent and repeat offenders off the streets. 

Ending Sanctuary Policies

Illegal immigration is largely a federal issue, but Maryland has adopted sanctuary policies that attract drug crimes, gangs, and human trafficking to the state.  This is untenable, unreasonable, and unfair to citizens legal immigrants who follow the law.   

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Election Integrity

It is critically important that our elections are free and fair, and that the public maintain confidence in the electoral process. Elections must be conducted with simplicity, efficiency, and transparency. I support voter ID, a single election day, and mail-in ballots only for extraordinary situations. 

Small Business

Most employment is created by new business, and small entrepreneurs are some of the most important economic actors in local communities.  We can eliminate barriers to starting a small business by simplifying licensing procedures, minimizing regulations, and reducing the tax burden for emerging businesses in their first years of growth.  

No More Mandates

The state has no legitimate authority to declare an unending emergency in order to deny constitutionally protected liberties without due process of law. Furthermore, the choice to undergo any medical procedure is intensely personal and should never be coerced. The lockdowns and mandates of the past 3 years were appalling, and they should never be allowed to happen again.

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